The claims business is a stressful one. Employees who are injured are in
pain. Employers can be frustrated by individuals they see as taking advantage
of the company. Adjusters are under demands to make decisions about hundreds of
matters a day and scrutinized in hindsight about those actions. Attorneys are …
well, difficult to deal with even on a good day. We are starting to talk more
here at the firm about not letting those stresses impact our relationships with
the people we worked with, the people who we trust and rely on to get our job
done. Of course, we are stronger when we work together but we are also less
anxious. Let’s talk with each other, face to face. When our anxiety is lower,
we more easily see solutions and we are, quite simply, happier. So my wish to
each of you as we start 2019 is that we rely on those around us in our
workplace to ease our stress and allow us all to reach our goals.