If you have not checked out our firm website lately, we are excited to launch another interactive resource for you, our Workers’ Compensation Calculator, which includes a tool for calculating present value.

In addition, our Doctor Search has been completely upgraded to allow you to search for workers’ compensation doctors in Georgia based on location, area of practice, and provider. It is complete with maps, directions, and contact information. We are constantly updating our list of workers’ compensation doctors to keep it as up to date as possible for you to use as a resource in drafting panels of physicians, selecting doctors for independent medical examinations, and learning more about doctors claimants are choosing.

Please see our website at atkinsdavid.com and click on “WC Calculator” and “Find GA WC Doctor.”

And, coming soon, we will be pleased to provide a companion to our online doctor search, our first edition of The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Doctor Book which will be a handbook providing physicians and practice groups listed by geographic area and specialty.