By: Jarvis B. Läkemäker, Esq.


A quick reminder that you can use WC-243 to reduce or eliminate your TTD exposure if an employee receives other post accident benefits.

a. Unemployment – you get a dollar for dollar credit if a claimant is awarded unemployment. File the WC-243 showing a full 100% credit for the weekly unemployment check. Unemployment eligibility lasts a maximum of 26 weeks.

b. STD/LTD – you can take a credit based on how much (what percentage) of the premium the employer funded. If the employer funded the entire premium, take a full credit. Note: Many times the LTD provider will take a credit themselves for Worker’s Compensation paid and there may be reimbursement agreements from the LTD provider a claimant must address.

c. Salary in lieu of comp – note this on the WC-1 and WC-2, not the WC-243.