Our Mission

This practice area developed from our successful representation of providers in malpractice matters and our strong connection in the medical community through the workers’ comp system.   We continue our advocacy of those in the health care industry in many forms.

Compliance:  We assist our clients in complying with State and Federal laws and regulations.

Telemedicine:  Georgia had one of the first telehealth statute in the country and has updated the law last year.  In today’s environment,  there is even more demand for these services.

Small business consultation:  We provide legal services for solo and small practice healthcare professionals who are either starting a business or need legal protection while maintaining and growing their practice.  Our focus is “preventative legal medicine” to avoid legal issues down the road.  We provide assistance with HIPAA and OSHA training, client service agreements, independent contractor agreements, and compliance packets.

Medical Board:  We provide legal counseling and protection when healthcare providers need Medical Board representation or are called as expert witnesses.

Medical Clinics on site at companies:  We have assisted employers and providers in setting up on site facilities to treat minor injuries  and triage more serious one, whether work related or not.

We have several attorneys that can assist you, many with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare business industry, both in senior management and as outside legal counsel.

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