This year we celebrated KDA’s 10th anniversary. It is also my 25th year representing employer and insurers/TPAs in comp claims. We would not be able to do what we do without you, our clients. I don’t mean just the business you send us, which is much appreciated and keeps us going financially. It is more than the numbers. More and more workers’ s comp success is being measured by the “metrics.” That is understandable. It is a business and efficiency is key. But what I think sets apart workers’ comp from other lines of insurance is that it is ultimately about the people. Even for employers, how many other areas of employment law can you sue your employer and continue doing your job, even being offered light duty work to come back into the workplace? While that statement may sound glib, it is actually a reflection of how even in situations of conflict, the system allows for a path to positive resolution. Problem-solving in workers’ comp is about relationship solving.

In that regard, I am very proud of what we have done for our clients that strengthens our partnership with you. We have continued our Roundtables where we meet over breakfast to gain more knowledge and build friendships. This year we have added the Lunch Call so those who cannot get to Maggiano’s have an opportunity to learn with us over the phone. And speaking of the phone, I am glad to become reacquainted with that device rather than relying on email. You cannot only accomplish more in an actual conversation but you get to know and appreciate the person on the other end. And I am so pleased that my partners and I have been able to once again travel throughout Georgia and the entire country to meet many of you. It is without question the most enjoyable part of what I do aside from spending time with our employees.

As for our employees, thank you for sending us your business which allows me the opportunity to work with the wonderful people of our firm. Your commitment to us has allowed the partners of the firm to hire 10 new employees this year; the size of our firm has nearly doubled. However, our growth is not about just getting bigger. We will not grow so big that we cannot have a firm-wide game of Foosball every Friday nor so big that we cannot fit everyone into our holiday card photo. Our relatively small size will continue to allow you to get personalized service. You will know who is handling your claim. And we will know you. Ten years ago when I started the firm it was not to make more money or because I was power hungry. Really. It was to surround myself with people I wanted to practice law with and to give opportunities to our employees to achieve their goals.

In that regard, I am attaching our current firm directory. Call and email our people. Press them with your questions. Expect only the best. I promise you, we will deliver.

I wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. And ….

Go Dawgs!


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